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About (INES)

We the trust has this major object to unify all the separate blocks and cement them to make a whole identity. Progress is the basic essentiality of any dynamic society.

But unfortunately the current, Social of attainment of power and status of our so called politicians and the system has divided our society and around our minds and values by their false advise and pontification As a charitable trust our objects and intentions are noble and are austere, but they shall remain on paper, these our prior motive is to unify all the people and enflame the sentiments of integrity of all the common people, and amalgamate the gap that has been created over these years, and lead to a conception of brotherly hood and affection among people, unveiling'the parameters of caste and creed and religion.

Through this implementation of objectives we intend to platform humanity as our basic foundation and religion preceding any other which blindfoldedly has been our line of order.

Apparently we know that this feeling of belonging to the entirety is & has always been with us, but it has been covered with a lot of dust and UNMCT wishes through its efforts to dust of these unwanted illusions & bring about harmony & caramelize the bitterness which shall create a healthy environment for further growth of one and all, once this foundation is fixed then the rest of the objectives shall be easily achieved and the boulders of disintegration themselves will have to step-down.

Our History

Indian National Educational School (INES) (English Medium) Kondharki / Chalepati. Pandharpur-Chale Road, Pandharpur, Dist- Solapur, Maharashtra, India, CBSE Self Financed School, approved by School Education and Sport Department, Govt. of Maharashtra vide G.R. No. SFS 1016/PK-69/SM-2 dt. 17-6-2016.

UNMCT/UNMET Strines through this procedures and proceedings to bring a development in the field of education and help the deserving candidates and in general everybody a chance to up-lift the opportunity to bring about the flame of literacy in their lives. A literate and educate nation is basic parameter to convey the real up-gradation of values sand mere cultural rituals are reflections of the monotony of yester-year, but education is a foundation of life filled with progress.

Committed to all-round progress.

Indian National Educational School (INES) (English Medium) is located in an eco-friendly, serene and sylvan rural surrounding of Kondharki / Chalepati away from the humdrum of daily life, 8 KM from Lord Vitthal Temple, Pandharpur city. The climate is generally dry conducive to good health.

The Sprawling campus is aesthetically and imaginatively designated to meet the academic, competitive Exam, Medical, Engineering, Pharmacy, Scientific, Agricultural, Administrative, Sports & Cultural requirements of the students and staff. Particular attention has been paid to blending building with the evergreen and picturesque surroundings. The school is founded, Primarily to provide much needed good quality education in English Medium to children of the farmers and to the children in rural areas, who are often denied the opportunity. And also as a answer to difficulties faced by rural peoples / farmers in getting admission for their wards in reputed school. It is run under the aegis of Uttam Namdeo multipurpose Charitable Trust, Mumbai (UNMCT) & Uttam Namdeo Medical Sciences & Educational Trust Mumbai (UNMET). The trust is a charitable and nonprofit one established in the year 2008.

A self made man, simple and compassionate dedicated his life to the service of mankind. He is a vision and grit to achieve his dreams with a single minded purpose. He believed that modern, scientific, competitive education had to have its roots in strong values.

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UNMCT is formed basically with the objective, taking in to parlance this specific state of dormancy among the people who really want to make a difference to their fellow beings but have not yet found the proper way to canalize their energy. We have cumulated these hands and these trustees in the trust board and intent to invoke them to participate through their efforts, knowledge, experience, contacts etc. for the battlement of the down trodden. "There never exists a vibrant reflection will out action".

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