Founder/President: About Education

Founder/President: About Education

"In spite of the so called progress of the nation in various fields, there exists still need to the people which need to be mended otherwise all this progress shall be nothing but an periphery for a limited few. One of the prior need to this society is to be literate. Lack of education is a huge hindrance to the progress of the country".

UNMCT recognizes this need and has prioritized the need for major educational institutes to be established in various parts.

The essence of this objective shall primarily be confined to deliver basic education to each and every body and create a sense of awakening in people for the want and need of education in this ever fast growing times.

Main objective being that there should be all around 100% literacy level and simultaneously the growth of specific education in various faculties, like, science, medicine, business, engineering etc. in lack of facilities, colleges and many other such impediments which hamper the chance of intelligent students to pursue their goals, be it exhaustive fees, limitations in admission proceedings.

Lack of faculties due to ill payment, haywire corruption in the institutions and decision making in hands of selected few which is anarcheous. UNMCT for this purpose shall effect, construct, necessary educational institutions, colleges. schools, for basic education as well as fulfill education in the various fields.

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UNMCT is formed basically with the objective, taking in to parlance this specific state of dormancy among the people who really want to make a difference to their fellow beings but have not yet found the proper way to canalize their energy. We have cumulated these hands and these trustees in the trust board and intent to invoke them to participate through their efforts, knowledge, experience, contacts etc. for the battlement of the down trodden. "There never exists a vibrant reflection will out action".

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