Founder/President: Notes/Message

Founders Message!

Language serves three purposes:
1) to indicate facts, 2) to express the state of 'the speaker, 3) to alter the state of the hearer, provided it is not shadowed by skepticism and if our knowledge is to be co-extensive with what we think our beliefs have a certain relation to the occurrences and I believe that there exists hope for the betterment initiated in the formation of this trust.

The only intelligible meaning discerned from this slogan is Motive of Man's work should be the need of others and not his own. "Social gains'; "Social aims" Social objectives" should be the daily, bromides of our language.

The greatest guilt today is that people by Moral default seek protection from the necessity to take a stand. Why fire people supporting blindfoldedly plans designed to achieve serfdom? And yet hide behind empty assertions of being peoples of freedom.

• All over India there is a vague feeling of discontent in the air about our prevalent system. Signs have lately been numerous of a desire for a change. There seems to be urgency of life in the Sub-soil of our national minds, sending forth new institutions and giving rise to new experiments. But often wishes are so immediate and strong it becomes difficult accurately to locate the existing cause and the object to which it aspires. Hence I found the need to assemble objects with Multipurpose Nature.

Communication of life only can be through a living agency, which itself is Multipurpose and life of mind and can only be imparted through man to man. All the time I have been developing my ideas for this Trust a secret uneasiness has never been absent from my mind, reminding me that these ideas would have to be submitted to the scrutiny of practical men because of their perfection. They are sure to ask with pitiless gravity " All that you discuss and describe may be true or what is far worse beautiful- But is it possible?" to which I say that UNMCT stands with complete, positive assertion. As when you move beyond fear, you feel free to achieve what you Intend.

Law of thought are -
Whatever Is, Is', Nothing can both Be and not Be', Everything must either Be or Not BE', so why not make the Be into Become which is independent of experience, yet entitled by and caused by experience. In daily life, we assume as certain many things which, on a closer scrutiny, are found to be full of apparent contradictions that only a great amount of thought enables us to know what it is we really may believe. I personally believe in change, I believe in necessity for change and I believe that through this medium of Trust I shall at least make a effort towards bringing about change irrespective of the results. Thus I value the efforts of all the members and their blessings and of the people willing to lend a hand in the constructive process.

Founders Note!

• We must not forget that there is what may be called as Mental Needs- Cultural reeds which are the needs of the developed and cultured mind. They are sophisticated needs and do not come under the banner of Economic needs. Here comes the need of the mind that is Theoretical, religious and aesthetic.

• There is no need to spend much time on the value of Theoretical formulations. Man has been in continuous struggle with nature and to an extent with his fellow beings. Thus we as a Trust wants to understand the nature of enterprise he is engaged in. This is an effort to understand the psychology of the people. We must try to get everything under a general rule or special rule, hence follow the multipurpose example and this is the Theoretical enterprise.

• Well conclusively let's all gather around and think what gives Zest to life? 'The desire to do something worthwhile'. We may not seek money, or Objective reward, but deny it or otherwise there is always a need for a psychological reward and a psychological incentive for doing what we do.

• This formation of Trust is a humble but strong effort towards that goal and not for any gratification so let minds understand itself and by laboring towards and for the motto find state in which there is complete tranquility and only then creation takes place.

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UNMCT is formed basically with the objective, taking in to parlance this specific state of dormancy among the people who really want to make a difference to their fellow beings but have not yet found the proper way to canalize their energy. We have cumulated these hands and these trustees in the trust board and intent to invoke them to participate through their efforts, knowledge, experience, contacts etc. for the battlement of the down trodden. "There never exists a vibrant reflection will out action".

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